Best ways to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

February 2, 2023

Best ways to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft players cannot get enough diamonds. They are essential for many items and the best gear, so they're a must-have resource.

Minecraft 1.18's update changed the ore distribution. This was due to an increased height limit and the addition deepslate layers. This means that finding diamonds is more difficult than it was before.

While players can still go underground to mine, new levels of effectiveness must be reached. There are many ways players can find diamonds. Some of these tactics don't require mining, while others may not require users to mine until they find the ore blocks.

Minecraft: A great way to find diamonds in version 1.18

5) Spelunking

The new way terrain generates Minecraft1.18 allows caves and ravines to reach deep into the earth. Some even reach down into deepslate. They are excellent spots to find diamonds because of their depth.

This is a rare feature in diamond generation. These locations can be a breeding ground for hostile mobs, so gamers need to be cautious.

4) Ocean spelunking

These natural phenomena can be found underwater, just like the caves and ravines on land in Minecraft worlds. Vanilla water, which has very little light, can cause vision problems.

With a few night vision potions, users can see almost anything below the ocean's surface. These potions are great visual aids for searching underwater ravines or caves that may be dotted with diamond ore.

3) Vertical shaft mining

Although it's unusual and potentially dangerous, vertical shaft mining in Minecraft can provide a wealth of resources, including diamonds. It is quite simple. They mine in a square-shaped manner, not digging straight down. Instead, they work around the edges to break down the interior.

Players will eventually clear a lot of blocks and find a lot of diamonds. This is especially true if they can make a shaft long enough to cover several chunks. Although it is a difficult build that requires a lot of tools, users may occasionally encounter hazards such as lava. However, the return on investment can be substantial.

2) Branch mining

Although it is the preferred method of mining in Minecraft, branch mining can still be very effective at finding ores and diamonds. Because they can branch out quickly, this method leaves large blocks that you can use to search for ores.

To be able to branch mine in Minecraft 1.18 effectively, players should start at height level Y=63. This is because it has the highest concentration of block blobs containing diamond “batches”. The rest of the diamond ore can be generated between these points. Players can then work their way up to the Y=14 level.

1) TNT mining

TNT is well-known in Minecraft for its explosive destruction. However, this is also what makes it great for mining and finding diamond ore.

You'll need a lot TNT and it can be dangerous due to lava or accidental explosions. However, TNT mining can quickly produce a ton worth of diamond ore because of the short fuse time of TNT. TNT-based mining has been improved upon by some Minecraft gamers.