Minecraft and memory issues

January 21, 2023

Minecraft and memory issues

“Minecraft”, especially when you have mods or texture packs that enhance the graphics, can be quite impressive.

The more “Minecraft”, the more RAM it will need to run. If the game doesn't have enough RAM, it will load slowly, frame will stutter and even crash.

There is a way. There are many ways to increase RAM for “Minecraft”, each one quite simple and straightforward.

You can also add more RAM to your server if you have it running as “Minecraft”, which allows you to allow more users to play at once.

Here is a list of all the methods to increase RAM for 'Minecraft.

Important: This guide is only applicable to “Minecraft Java Edition”. There is no way to limit the amount of RAM used by “Bedrock Edition”, also known as “Minecraft For Windows 10”.

Check out our article “'Minecraft Java vs.' Bedrock to see more differences and decide which version you should purchase.

How to add more RAM to Minecraft'

You can change the RAM limit for Minecraft by changing the settings in your Minecraft Launcher app. Launch “Minecraft” using the launcher app.

Depending on the mods that you have installed, there are many launcher apps that you can use. We will be focusing on three of the most well-known launchers, starting with the “vanilla”, which is the most common.

Quick tip: Always have at least 2 gigabytes of RAM (GB) for “Minecraft”. Consider increasing your RAM to 4GB or 6GB if you plan on using many mods.

Be careful to not take in more RAM than you actually have. It is important to have at least half of the RAM left for other purposes.

Allocating RAM using the default launcher 'Minecraft.

You may be familiar with Minecraft's default launcher app called “Minecraft Launcher”. This is how you can use it to reallocate RAM.

1. Open Minecraft Launcher, and click the “Installations tab” at the top.

2. Scroll your mouse to the “Minecraft”, version to which you wish to allocate RAM, then click on the three dots to the right to select “Edit.”

3. To access two more fields, select “More Options” at the lower-right corner.

4. The “JVM Arguments” field begins with a bit code that says “-Xmx2G”, or something similar. This is the number of gigabytes of RAM Minecraft can currently use (in this instance, 2GB). You can change the amount of RAM that is allocated by changing this number. The rest of the text should remain unchanged.

5. To save your changes, tap “Save”.

Use the CurseForge “Minecraft” launcher to allocate RAM

1. 1. Launch the CurseForge App. Click the gear icon at the lower left corner to access “Settings”.

2. You will find a section called “Game Specific” in the column to the left of the settings page. Select “Minecraft”.

3. Scroll down to Java Settings, where you will see Allocated memory with a slider. Drag and drop the orange ball onto the slider until you have the RAM allocation that you prefer. Any changes will be saved automatically

Quick tip: CurseForge (most third-party launchers) measures RAM usage in megabytes, not gigabytes. Keep in mind that 1024MB is equal to 1GB in these cases.

AtLauncher 'Minecraft 'launcher for RAM allocation

1. Start the ATLauncher by clicking “Settings” on the right panel.

2. You'll find several tabs at the top of your settings page. Click on the tab “Java/Minecraft”.

3. A list of adjustable properties will be displayed. You'll see a list of adjustable properties. The second is for Maximum Memory/RAM. This is the number you want to increase. It is listed in megabytes. Remember that 1GB equals 1024MB.

4. To confirm your changes, click “Save” after you have adjusted the maximum RAM.

How to allocate RAM for a Minecraft server that you run on a computer

You may also be running your own Minecraft server. You may also be running your own Minecraft server. If it doesn't have enough RAM it will not be able load or support users. Any changes made in-game will also fail.

Here's how to increase the RAM that your server can run. These steps can only be used for servers that are running on Windows 10 computers. The method to do it on a Mac or Linux machine will vary.

1. 1.Open the folder that contains all of your Minecraft server files.

2. Right-click any empty space in the folder and select “New” or “Text document.” For now, you can keep the document nameless.

3. Copy the following code into the document.

In place of “####”, enter the amount of RAM you would like to allocate. The allocation will be written in megabytes. If you wish to allocate 2GB of RAM, for example, enter “2048” and the code will be:

4. Click “File” and then “Save as …”. In the menu, change “Save as type” from “All Files.” It will be saved.

5. 5.

6. This is the launcher for your Minecraft server. It started out as a text file. Double-click the.bat file to start your server with the new RAM.