Minecraft dungeons whirlwind guide

January 4, 2023

Minecraft dungeons whirlwind guide

Whirlwind, one of Minecraft Dungeons' unique pieces of gear is an amazing double axe that deals incredible AOE damage.

Whirlwind is a powerful weapon that can inflict high damage and has a large area of effect. It is powerful and can strike all around the hero. This allows for great crowd clearing potential in dealing with large numbers of enemies.

Whirlwind is a reliable choice in close-quarters battles because of its melee-centric ability. It can be hard to find the item due to its rarity. However, it is well worth the effort. Below are the methods that Minecraft Dungeons players have for finding Whirlwind.

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Get Whirlwind

Whirlwind can be obtained as a loot from five different sources. These sources include four levels of Apocalypse difficulty and one enemy from Ancient Hunts.

Whirlwind is also available from three merchants that Minecraft Dungeons Heroes can find at their camp once they unlock them. The player can choose which method they want to use, but the rarity of the item could lead to them using all.

Whirlwind is a loot drop in both Minecraft Dungeons and Ancient Hunts. It may take several attempts to obtain it. The chances of obtaining Whirlwind may be higher in Ancient Hunts if you have the required runes. However, the axe can still compete with gear such as the Cursed Axe and Black Wolf armor, Splendid Robes and The Green Menace bows.

This prize pool is still significantly smaller than the level's loot drops pool. The gilded version of Whirlwind will be available to players through Ancient Hunts, which they may wish to pursue.

If loot drops don't work and all other options fail, it may be worth looking for merchants. Although they may require different currencies (the Piglin merchant requires gold), merchants have rotating inventories. A player may not have luck with loot drops and should check with merchants to make sure their inventories contain Whirlwind.