Minecraft Kingdom servers

December 28, 2022

Minecraft Kingdom servers

Minecraft kingdom servers are typically a magical and medieval setting where players can roleplay in large fantasy kingdom maps.

The best Minecraft kingdom servers allow players to join or create their own kingdom by claiming a piece of land and creating their ideal monarchy.

The Minecraft kingdom servers are available for players to access 24/7. They have minimal latency and lag issues. There is also helpful staff to help players with any issues.

#5 – MoxMC.NET IP

Mox MC, a popular Minecraft server network with thousands of players, is a great and highly-rated one. It offers a variety of game modes, including prison, factions and skyblock.

The kingdom section of the network has been released. Players can create, develop, maintain, and manage their extensive kingdoms from the ground.

Mox MC allows players to build, level up and manage their own army, of knights, soldiers, and mages to protect the kingdom from any other players with bad intentions.

#4 – Fallen Kingdom – IP: play.fallenkingdom.co

Fallen Kingdom, a Minecraft kingdom-based server, has been heavily promoted by CaptainSparklez, a long-standing Minecraft YouTuber.

The Fallen Kingdom server allows players to accumulate resources that can be used to build, defend, or maintain their castle and kingdom. After spending sufficient time and resources training the army of their kingdom, they can also seize other castles.

Fallen Kingdom also uses a custom texture pack to add new textures to the default Minecraft games. This allows for an immersive experience.

#3 – Vardenfall – IP: rp.vardenfall.com

Vardenfall, a brand new Minecraft server, was only established in 2021. Players shouldn't let this fact discourage them. Vardenfall, even though it is the new kid on campus, is committed to providing a high-quality experience.

The server provides players with a fantasy, medieval-themed survival server experience. Players can customize and create their character, join an existing kingdom, or create their own.

Additional features include quests, magic and races, nations, beer, mcmmo, etc.

#2 – World of Crunch – IP: play.worldofcrunch.co.uk:25611

World of Crunch allows players to create and manage their own kingdoms using the popular towny game mode. Players familiar with other towny-based Minecraft servers will be accustomed to many of the core mechanics here.

The server's in-game economy is the main focus. Players are encouraged to trade with other kingdoms. You can open shops in your kingdom and explore a number of lootable lairs to gain riches.

#1 – Thronecraft – IP: play.thronecraft-rp.com

Thronecraft is an online server that has been around for six years. To play, players must complete a full application. Because of the roleplay and deep lore, this is to make sure that only experienced Minecrafters can join the community.

Thronecraft lets players choose special classes and abilities that each offer specific advantages or disadvantages. Each of the four major kingdoms can be joined by players, and each one is controlled by different races.

Each kingdom is unique in its climate, build style, inhabitation, and other characteristics. The player is responsible for developing and expanding their kingdom to ensure its continued expansion and prosperity.