Minecraft servers 1.14.4

December 4, 2022

Minecraft servers 1.14.4

Minecraft servers Minecraft Servers 1.14.4 so hard to find? Well that's simple, because for most of big servers Minecraft 1.14 was just a temporary version and it was rather unstable. Most of big Minecraft servers need reliable server software that can handle 24/7 uptime and provide “good enough” performance to make experience enjoyable for players.

Unfortunately Minecraft 1.14 was not that good, at least not as good as Minecraft 1.15, while Minecraft 1.13 was probably even worse. So what does that mean for Minecraft servers? Well, most of servers got stuck on Minecraft 1.12 and the servers that did update past Minecraft 1.12 mostly went straight to Minecraft 1.15.

If you check out vote sites and look for Minecraft servers you will found out exactly what I'm talking about. With that being said, there's no reason to still use Minecraft 1.14, you're probably way better off just using latest Minecraft client or at least version 1.15, considering Minecraft 1.14 also had some client side bugs.

But if you insist on using Minecraft 1.14 there's still hope for you. Most of Minecraft servers nowadays support whole range of clients, which means you can join 1.15 Minecraft servers with 1.14 client if you really want to use that version.

Keep in mind if only OptiFine is the reason for using old client, you should update your client and OptiFine since OptiFine is now also available for 1.15 Minecraft clients.