Servers similar to Hermitcraft

November 16, 2022

Servers similar to Hermitcraft

Hermitcraft, a popular Minecraft YouTube server, was established in April 2012. It is currently in its eighth season, and has been played many times by the most prominent names in Minecraft YouTube.

The server is currently fully whitelisted. This means that only Hermitcraft staff members can connect to it. This has meant that many Hermitcraft enthusiasts have been unable join the fun.

However, there are a number of Minecraft servers which are very similar to Hermitcraft, but they are also open to the public and anyone can join.

Minecraft servers suitable for Hermitcraft

5) Mox Mox MC

Server IP Address:

Mox MC, a popular Minecraft server boasting thousands of users on a daily basis, is extremely popular. You can play a wide variety of gamemodes on this server. The most popular are Minecraft Prison and SMP.

This SMP gamemode is similar to Hermitcraft's. A variety of customized features mean that gamers don't have to worry about losing their builds on this server.

4) Reloaded SMP

Server IP Address:

Reloaded SMP strives to provide players with a vanilla-style vanilla gaming experience. This server does not allow for warps, farm limits, land claims, or even AFK kicks. This allows for pure gameplay and caters to more experienced Minecrafters.

This server requires that players apply to be admitted. Anyone interested can apply via their discord server.

(3) MineCove

Server IP Address:

MineCove is a great option for those who are looking for a Minecraft server that is family friendly, similar to Hermitcraft.

This server is family-friendly and will not tolerate any hostile or toxic behavior. It's a great server for younger players, and can host up to 100 people on weekends.

2) Beacoland

Server IP Address:

Beacoland, described as a 1.17 survival server that is Hermitcraft-like, is one of the most popular Minecraft servers.

This server is extremely welcoming. However, you will need to complete a short application form to gain access. This is done to make sure only mature and respectful players have access to the server. It also helps avoid situations like raiding, griefing, or general toxicity.

1) Xisumavoid Hermitcraft Server

Server IP Address:

Fans of Hermitcraft Minecraft will know that Xisumavoid is the current administrator of Hermitcraft.

A fanmade Hermitcraft server was launched a few months ago and endorsed by Xisumavoid. It's a great alternative for Hermitcraft, and contains much of what has made Hermitcraft so enjoyable over the years.